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  About Us

Political and religious tensions across the globe spawn new security threats on a daily basis. The challenge for any organization - be it private, NGO or governmental - is to counter such threats. Through careful planning, followed by preparation and training of personnel, the objective is at all times to ensure a safe and viable operating environment. It is a fact that the extent to which security and law-enforcement personnel are able to assess and react appropriately to a perceived threat depends primarily on the quality of their training.

With vast experience of operating in hostile environments, the founders and senior staff at T.M.S's are all former officers and operatives who come from the ranks of the Israeli Army Special Forces, Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations units, as well as personal from Israel security service - Shabak ,an the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations - Mossad. The Team includes lawyers and acknowledged academics in addition to highly decorated veterans.

Each instructor is selected for his or her specific & specialist expertise and all are trained to identify, prevent and respond to potential terrorist and other threats. T.M.S’s aim is to combine the standalone specializations of Intelligence, Risk Management, Counter-Terrorism Training and technologically enhanced security solutions to provide its clients with a range of fully integrated security services.

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