Corporate Solutions
  Corporate Solutions

Assessment of political & country risks are fundamental elements in effective risk management for any international organization, be it a multi-national or an NGO. Although in the corporate world "supply" & "demand" are important keys to success, security is the key requisite. Corporations are increasingly susceptible to the growing threats of crime & terrorism which can adversely affect their performance & profitability.

Throughout the world criminal & terrorist organizations have identified corporations as preferred targets and with relatively small investments they can inflict severe, economic damage. For example, the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre cost the attackers $500,000 to plan & execute. As a result - aside from the grief & sorrow of the tragic loss of lives - the direct financial loss accrued to well over $31 billion. Those attacks probably constitute the highest "return on investment" for any perpetrator in history, yet such threats are not limited to high scale attacks on nations & corporations.

The threat to corporate wellbeing also relates to "low impact" attacks such as "kidnap & ransom", or even vandalism incidents and is very relevant to almost every leading corporation. By means of an integrated security approach coupled with the skills & expertise to assess & confront the threats of terrorism & crime, T.M.S has a set strategy to protect interests of corporations.

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