Crisis management
  Crisis management

The essence of effective Crisis Management is to identify, confront and resolve the problem before control is lost. Whilst crisis management can be applied to almost any field of endeavor, T.M.S. specializes in security, corporate and personal crisis management.

What separates a good company from an excellent company is what happens at a time of crisis. If handled badly, a crisis can have devastating consequences for a company's reputation, brand, balance sheet, personnel and production. If handled well, a crisis can even be turned into an opportunity. T.M.S's method of operation is based on long experience and in-depth know-how in a range of specialist disciplines. These include:

Negotiation, intelligence, operations, the capability to initiate and maintain a route of communication in various regions and within different cultures, systematic research, excellent working relations with professionals and leading law enforcement agencies . . . and above all, vast experience gained through actual kidnapping and hostage incidents throughout the world. It is an often held misconception that the core of crisis management is the ability to haggle and bargain for the lowest price. Yet experience indicates that only a systematic, professional, multidisciplinary and proactive approach of confronting the risks will minimize potential consequences. The T.M.S approach takes into consideration the long-term objectives of the client, including safeguarding his/her personnel, maintaining the business activity in the region and ensuring deterrence against further abduction.

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