Counter-Surveillance Services


Energy Industry

Most nations' energy supplies depend largely on the oil and gas sectors. Here critical infrastructure - particularly energy supply lines - can be highly vulnerable to attack or accident resulting in disruption due to the physical interdependence of the different systems.

An attack on a single oil well or pipeline can impact an individual company; or it can cause wide-scale flow disruptions that wreak havoc on a country's economy and its way of life. Attacks on key oil and gas pipelines can trigger energy outages throughout a state or across regions, with results that affect not only supply, but global prices.

Energy risks are not just related to terrorist attacks; they can include accidents and natural disasters. These can also involve and adversely affect other economic sectors, including transportation and communications, not to mention the environmental impact. Through its integrated security approach, T.M.S sets strategies to protect and mitigate against the major risks in the energy sector: terrorism, crime, accidents and natural disasters.

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