Protective Solutions
  Protective solutions

In the real world it is evident that private clients regard their personal security as being just as important as that of a nation and T.M.S acts accordingly in the most discreet & decisive manner. Based on a thorough examination of the individual's security concerns and following on from a systematic assessment of the situation at hand, T.M.S implements a detailed security plan that confronts the actual and perceived threats to the client.

T.M.S's private clients receive tailor-made solutions to meet their and their family's particular needs. The aim is for them to have the level of security required, while still being able to continue their daily business & family life with as little interruption as possible. Services include a hands-on crisis & security management apparatus capable of dealing with extreme situations such as 'kidnap & ransom' as well as with the daily security detail of family, home & corporate protection.

T.M.S does not limit itself to crisis management & resolution but emphasizes stringent security planning. This is in an effort to reduce the risks of fraud, kidnapping & extortion. Our mission is to prevent crises and, should one occur, to respond as efficiently as possible given the actual circumstances.

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