Intelligent Training
Intelligent Training
The core element of an effective Intelligence Array is proper training and T.M.S Intelligence Division is proud to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date intelligence training to address National Intelligence needs.
The operational study courses proposed by T.M.S are the result of decades of proven, senior Intelligence Commander experience and bring to nations the latest lessons learnt from the daily confrontation with radical militant elements. T.M.S courses cover all the essential spheres of intelligence and are targeted at setting and enhancing intelligence collection, processing & dissemination capabilities. The objective: To enable the formation of a highly trained, professional intelligence array.
  Valuable intelligence can be gathered from human sources and the objective of this course is to guide clients through all the necessary steps for setting a HUMINT apparatus.  
  Technologically assisted signal-reading methods are an essential element in intelligence gathering. This course brings together all the necessary steps for the setting up of a technologically advanced SIGINT apparatus.  
  Valuable intelligence and a clearer picture may be gathered from technologically assisted visual intelligence gathering methods. All necessary steps for the setting up of a technologically advanced VISINT apparatus are covered in this program.  
  Open Source  
  Open source intelligence serves as a highly effective intelligence analysis tool that often facilitates decision-making. OSINT consists of information collected from overt sources appearing in key languages. The result is an intelligence picture in the form of concise country and organization reports on national and sub-national organizations that may pose a threat to nations &/or corporations  
  Additional Courses  

T.M.S offers clients special courses and programs that are specifically tailored to their political and cultural environment and circumstances.

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