Security Training
Security Training
In all its Security Training, T.M.S employs its own unique, multi-tier security concept, which integrates both covert & overt security arrays. The objective is to ensure a highly effective & seamless security cordon for the protection of the State, its leaders and institutions.

T.M.S security courses are primarily oriented towards high-risk environments where conventional security tactics are often ineffective. These programs are designed specifically to address: Cultural understanding & language, security awareness, physical site protection, first response methods, firearms training, medical response & casualty assessment, etc. Other areas covered include threat recognition & thwarting, defensive action and rapid response.

Covering the entire scope of close protection, site security, surveillance and counter-intelligence, the courses analyze past attempted and actual attacks and simulate newly developed proactive measures that have been proven effective in real-life incidents. The courses include the:

Forming / enhancing Governmental Protection Forces including the military, police, judiciary and penal system. The aim is to ensure a stable state and effective and credible services for the public at large. The formation or enhancement of security force include border control - Maritime and Aviation - in order protect national strategic facilities.

Enhancing physical security arrays - meaning operational capabilities, support, technological equipment and updated procedures; protection of all important sites that the Head of State and Administration frequents - i.e. offices, residential palaces, etc.

Establishing a security array at strategic facilities and installations, such as broadcasting stations, airports, refineries, power and water plants and transportation systems; and to form a real time monitoring system - visual and audio - at key positions within the strategic installations.
* Static guard course
* Basic Security Officers Course (BSO)
* Advanced Security Officer Course (ASO)
* Basic & Advanced Close Protection Course (BCP)
* High Risk Close Protection Course (HCP)
* High Risk Convoy Escort Course (HCE)
* Operational surveillance course
* Counter surveillance
* Intelligence and operational support
* First Aid Course
* Identification & Treatment of Suspicious Items Course
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