A Dedication to Excellence
  Training Academy Overview
T.M.S provides training and consulting of the highest quality, as an integral component within the overarching goal of providing the client with a comprehensive security package.
Our programs introduce a diverse range of specialized training tailored to our clients' needs. The programs are evaluated and updated on a continuous basis to fit best practice and reply to the clients needs.
In order to set up turnkey training solutions and provide the client with our doctrine-based training, we can tailor specific courses as well as provide a multilingual instruction team. We then evaluate and update these solutions on a continuous basis to best address the client's security requirements.
T.M.S provides 3 modules of services:
    *       Forming and enhancing of security forces
    *       Operational training courses
    *       Providing specialists and consultants
Our instructors and consulting were selected for their specialty and specific expertise, and are trained to identify, prevent and respond to potential terrorist and other threats.
Law Enforcement Training
Specialists in the formation and upgrading of National Task Forces composed of several law enforcement units, our experts have trained some of the world's... >> Read more
Intelligent Training
The operational study courses proposed by T.M.S are the result of decades of proven, senior Intelligence Commander experience and bring to nations ...>> Read more
Security Training
T.M.S security courses are primarily oriented towards high-risk environments where conventional security tactics are often ineffective. These programs are designed specifically to address: Cultural understanding & language... >> Read more
Military Training
At all times T.M.S maintains strict compliance with local legal requirements and is in regular contact with international bodies and institutions to ensure such compliance when offering its clients its specifically developed... >> Read more


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