Law Enforcement & CT Training
Law Enforcement & CT Training

In reply to specific national needs and objectives, T.M.S prides itself on providing the best and most appropriately adapted Law Enforcement Training for national agencies.

Specialists in the formation and upgrading of National Task Forces composed of several law enforcement units, our experts have trained some of the world's leading law-enforcement agencies. T.M.S excels in the forming / enhancing of the SWAT units responsible for special operations against perpetrators ready to act against the State, its leaders or its institutions.

The unique training & instruction concept developed by T.M.S is based on a comprehensive security array that incorporates all the necessary elements to address various terrorist threats. The goal is to enable any security entity to operate both independently while, at the same time having the capability to work seamlessly with other units and agencies. The objective is paramount: To maximize all thwarting capabilities.

Training covers a wide spectrum of subjects including: Counter-terrorism, intelligence, complex arrests and takeovers & interceptions to counter subversive activity by individuals or organizations. Our ability to plan & deliver tailor-made training programs is a source of pride for T.M.S . Effectiveness, challenging courses and outstanding instructors are the hallmarks of our training program and we are always ready to compliment advanced counter-terrorism & law-enforcement tactics with adapted military training.

  Counter Terrorism
* Terrorism Incident Management (TIM)
* SWAT Counter Suicide Bombers course (CSB)
* Suicide bombers - Sabotage & Intelligence Course - (SIC)
* Unconventional Terrorism Weapons - (UTW)
* SWAT/ATU commanders & leadership course
* Basic Tactical HRT Course (HRT)
* Advanced Tactical HRT Course (AHRT)
* Mechanical Breaching Course (MB)
* Combat Rappelling Course (RC)
* Operational Intelligence & Operation Support Course (IOS)
* Canine Explosives Detection course (EDC)
* Canine counter-terrorism combined course (CTC)
* Canine suicide bomber (CSD)
* Canine Post blast course (CPL)
  Correctional Facilities
* Coping with Terror cells & Radicalism in Correction Systems
* Correctional Intelligence as a management tool
* Counter terror /SWAT unit
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