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Water Resources

Transportation and energy serve as the engines that mobilize a nation's economy, but water is the essential for actual existence.

The water sector consists of two vital components: water supply and waste-water collection and treatment. These utilities depend upon reservoirs, dams, wells, and aquifers, as well as treatment facilities, pumping stations, aqueducts and transmission pipelines. The main challenges to the water sector are to protect the water from contamination and to detect actual contamination as quickly as possible before it spreads.Water has been used as a target for attack in the past and will almost certainly serve as a strategic target in the future. A successful attack on water resources can easily have an immediate effect upon not only the entire population of a nation, but also on a whole densely populated international region.Threats to water supply come in various forms which include: Intentional or accidental release of toxic chemicals; actual or threatened contamination of water supply by means of chemical, biological, radiological or other forms of hazardous material; cyber attacks on information management systems. In the event of a water security threat or attack, those responsible need to assess rapidlythe risks and communicate with the public in a clear, consistent, and accurate way.

Based upon an integrated security approach, T.M.S has a set strategy for the protection of national water supplies against terrorism, crime and other incidents, which includes the means to mitigate and manage the incidents.

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