Our Team
  Our Team  

With vast experience of operating in hostile environments, the founders and senior staff at T.M.S's are all former officers and operatives who come from the ranks of the Israeli Army Special Forces, Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations units, as well as personal from Israel security and intelligence service .

Each instructor is selected for his or her specific & specialist expertise and all are trained to identify, prevent and respond to potential terrorist and other threats. T.M.S's aim is to combine the standalone specializations of Intelligence, Risk Management, Counter-Terrorism Training and technologically enhanced security solutions to provide its clients with a range of fully integrated security services.

  Oded Krashinsky: President and Founder  

An expert security consultant, Mr. Krashinsky founded the company to provide a level of service to his clients above and beyond all others. He has over 19 years of hands-on experience in operations, project planning, consulting and management. His personal involvement in all aspects of T.M.S service delivery ensures that the highest standards are achieved and that no risk or threat is ever overlooked.

He has developed and designed state-of-the-art, high-end security systems and has been able to use his unique approach to take the security of private residence/estates and corporate facilities to a new level. He has consulted and managed security for many of Hollywood’s most respected celebrities and executives and has provided high-level security for some of the most prestigious events in Los Angeles and throughout the world.

Mr. Krashinsky is a veteran lieutenant of one of the world’s most respected secret service special operations units. Having served for five years with a top-secret security clearance, he is specially trained in anti-terrorist tactics, multiple firearms and electronic counter-surveillance. He is recognized around the world for his unique implementation of defensive tactics and training.

  Naor Mor Chaim: Founder  
  Steve Schwartz: Director of Training  

Mr. Steven Schwartz has served the Israeli National Police since 1988 and is currently an active member of the “Yamam” holding the position of Supervisor in the “Yamam” Weapons of Mass Destruction Section. Mr. Schwartz was the first officer to lead the “Yamam’s” WMD program. Mr. Schwartz in his many years of service has been a veteran of numerous counter-terrorism and high-risk criminal operations. Mr. Schwartz has authored the operational guidelines for the intelligence section of the “Yaman” as well as managing all aspects of the daily operations of the unit.

Mr. Schwartz was awarded a citation for bravery by the Israeli Ministry of Police in 1989. Aside from his many years of police experience Mr. Schwartz served in the Golani Infantry Brigade of the Israeli Defense Forces. Mr. Schwartz holds an Executive Certificate in Homeland Security Studies from the Interdisciplinary Center of Israel, MA in Strategic Studies from the Tel Aviv University, BA in Social Sciences from the Empire State College of SUNY and an AA from the Nassau Community College of SUNY.

  Paul Goldberg: Associate Partner  
  Paul G. Goldenberg built a distinguished career as a highly decorated criminal justice executive with extensive and broad-based experience in a wide variety of high profile and politically sensitive government and corporate environments. Mr. Goldenberg played a key role in setting domestic and international policy for the legislation and investigation of hate crimes and counter-terrorism. He is well known for his record of resolving numerous high profile and confidential matters for governments, businesses and other organizations around the world. Mr. Goldenberg led the nations first full time State Attorney Generals Hate Crimes Division.  
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