Govermental solutions
  Govermental solutions

International terrorism & crime are significant security concerns for a growing number of nations around the globe. They affect the physical well being of citizens as well as prospects for national prosperity and decision-makers require a pre-emptive approach to mitigate the risks. T.M.S assists in forming &/or enhancing intelligence arrays with special emphasis on imminent, militant terrorist threats. T.M.S also helps transform & upgrade law-enforcement units into counter-terrorism specialists & respondents in terms of preventive, intervention & incident management capabilities.

T.M.S's seminars provide participants with: the basic knowledge of cultural & political themes relevant to security challenges stemming from conflicts; an understanding of different aspects of the "actualized" history of different regions and cultures, emphasizing those historic events that are perceived in the region as having an ongoing effect on the political, social & religious trends, or that serve as paradigms for terrorist behaviour. The seminars & lectures are offered on an "as needed" basis, taking into account the background and specific requirements of the clients & participants.

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